Blissful Bloom - Soluble Bloom Fertilizer 0-10-1

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Experience the joy of a lush, healthy garden with Blissful Bloom

an organic fertilizer made with natural ingredients like turkey compost and soft rock phosphate. Give your plants the nutrition they need to flourish and reward yourself with a beautiful, vibrant show of blooms!

  • Encourages large fruit and fragrant flowers
  • Contains micronized turkey compost and soft rock phosphate
  • An excellent soil amendment that can be watered in and/or top dressed into any type of growing medium

Available in: 1.5 lb. / 5 lb. / 10 lb. / 25 lb.


Turkey manure, soft rock phosphate, sodium molybdate, and kelp meal (Ascophllum nodosum)

Application Rates

Water in Application Rate: Mix ¼-2 tsp. per gallon of water every 1-3 weeks during flowering stage, increase fertilizer strength if needed. When watering into soil or soilless medium, adjust solution pH to5.5-6.5 for best results. Reduce application rate if other full-strength fertilizer is being used at the same time. If desired, use ½ tsp. per gallon of water during the first few days of flower cycle to trigger plant into bloom faster.

Soil Amendment Application Rate: Sprinkle evenly into soil every 2-4 weeks at a ratio of ¼-2 tsp. per cubic foot, increase strength as needed.

 Please store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and properly reseal after use.

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