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An organic biofungicide that activates a plant’s natural defenses.

  • Boost plants’ defenses for stronger healthier plants
  • Strengthens plants’ immunity
  • Improves plant health
  • Controls/Prevents powdery mildew
  • Fungal and bacterial disease control

Available in: 1 qt. bottle / 1 gal. bottle



Active ingredient: Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis - 5%, Other Ingredients - 95 %

Application Rates

Mixing instructions: Prepare no more mixture than is required for the immediate operation. Agitate the solution continuously during mixing and application. Mechanical mixing is recommended for proper mixing of REGALIA CG® Biofungicide mixtures.

REGALIA CG® Biofungicide alone: Add 1/2 of the required amount of water to the mix tank. With the agitator running, add the REGALIA CG® Biofungicide to the mix tank. Continue agitation while adding the remainder of the water. Begin application of the solution after the REGALIA CG® Biofungicide has completely dispersed into the mix water. Maintain agitation until all the mixture has been applied.

REGALIA CG® Biofungicide + tank mixtures: Add 1/2 – 3/4 of the required amount of water to the mix tank. Start the agitation before adding any tank mix ingredients. In general, tank mix ingredients should be added in this order: wettable powders, dry flowable formulations, liquid flowable formulations, and emulsifiable formulations such as REGALIA CG® Biofungicide. Always allow each tank mix ingredient to become completely dispersed before adding the next component. Maintain continuous agitation until all components have been dispersed and throughout the application process. After all components are completely dispersed add the remainder of the water. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide cannot be mixed with another product with a prohibition against mixing. Use of the tank mix must be in accordance with the most restrictive label limitations and precautions. Do not pre-mix REGALIA CG® Biofungicide with any other tank mix component prior to adding to the spray tank.

Note: When using REGALIA CG® Biofungicide in tank-mixtures, all products in water soluble packaging should be added to the tank before any other tank-mix ingredient, including REGALIA CG®

Biofungicide. Allow the water-soluble packaging to completely dissolve and the product(s) to completely disperse before adding any other tank-mix ingredient to the tank.

Compatibility: Do not combine REGALIA CG® Biofungicide in the spray tank with pesticides, adjuvants, or fertilizers if there has been no previous experience or use of the combination to show it is physically compatible, effective, and non-injurious under your use conditions. REGALIA CG® Biofungicide is compatible with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers, adjuvants, and surfactants, but has not been evaluated with all potential combinations. To ensure compatibility of the tank mix combinations, evaluate prior to use as follows: Using a suitable container, add the proportional amounts of product to water. Add wettable powders first, then water dispersible granules, then liquid flowables, and lastly, emulsifiable concentrates. Mix thoroughly and let stand for at least five minutes. If the combination stays mixed or can be remixed, it is physically compatible. Test the mix on a small portion of the crop to be treated to ensure that a phytotoxic response will not occur as a result of the application.

Application Instructions: REGALIA CG® Biofungicide is a micro-emulsion concentrate consisting of certain ingredients extracted from Reynoutria sachalinensis. Use 50 – mesh nozzle screens or larger. Use higher water volumes with larger sized crops and extensive foliage to obtain thorough coverage.

For more detailed instructions please click here

Please store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and properly reseal after use. 

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