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Venerate CG Bioinsecticide can be used to combat and manage plant disease while helping to reduce insect resistance. 

It controls mites (including broad mites, russet mites, and spider mites), aphids (including root aphids), thrips, whiteflies, mealy bugs & more.

Venerate CG is microbial-based and powered by several active compounds that span different chemical classes. It drives multiple modes of action; control of the pests is achieved through exposure and ingestion of the product. With Venerate XC’s multiple active compounds and modes of action the risk of insect resistance is greatly reduced.

  • For Organic Production
  • Protections from mites, thrips, aphids, white flies
  • Effective solution ideal for insect resistance management (IRM) and integrated pest management (IPM) programs
  • Can be used right before harvest without concern for residues

Available in: 1 qt. bottle / 1 gal. bottle / 2.5 gal. bottle



Active Ingredient: Heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells and spent fermentation media - 94.46%, Other Ingredients - 5.54%

Application Rates

2-5 TBS per gallon every 7 days


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