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Broad-spectrum protection against sucking and chewing insects and mites.

  • For Organic Production
  • Protections from mites, thrips, aphids, white flies
  • Proven Results
  • Use for maximum harvest

Available in: 1 qt. bottle / 1 gal. bottle / 2.5 gal. bottle



Active Ingredient: Heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells and spent fermentation media - 94.46%, Other Ingredients - 5.54%

Application Rates

VENERATE® CG is an insecticide for use against listed insects. Close scouting and early attention to infestations is highly recommended. Proper timing of application targeting newly hatched larvae, nymphs or immature pests is important for optimal results.

Thorough coverage of infested plant parts is necessary for effective control. For some crops, directed drop nozzles by ground machine are required. Under heavy pest populations, use the higher label rates, shorten the spray interval, and increase the spray volume to improve coverage, and/or apply in tank mixture with another product that has activity on the target pest. Repeat applications at an interval sufficient to maintain control, usually 3–10 days depending upon plant growth rate, insect and mite activity, and other factors. If attempting to control an insect population with a single application, make the treatment when egg hatch is essentially complete but before economic damage occurs. The use of adjuvants with VENERATE® CG is not recommended, except to improve control of insect pests in situations where achieving uniform plant coverage is difficult such as closed crop canopy, dense foliage and penetration into waxy leaf surfaces.

Bees and beneficial insects:

- To minimize potential exposure to bees and other pollinating insects, do not apply while bees are foraging.

- Do not allow product to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are foraging.

- Minimize spray drift away from the target area to reduce effects to other non-target insects.

VENERATE® CG has been evaluated for toxicity to non-target insects in a variety of bioassays and on a variety of crops under various normal growing conditions. However, testing all beneficial insects, in all situations, mixtures and combinations, is not feasible. Prior to treating entire crop where the release of beneficial insects serve as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, consult with anextension specialist, a pest control advisor (PCA) or with the product manufacturer.

VENERATE® CG has been evaluated for phytotoxicity on a variety of crops under various normal growing conditions. However, testing all crop varieties, in all mixtures and combinations, is not feasible. Prior to treating entire crop, test a small portion of the crop for sensitivity.

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