Insect Frass 2-2-2


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Insect Frass is nature's gift to the garden!

Frass fertilizes plants, inoculates soil, boosts plant immunity, and aids in pest prevention. As a fertilizer, frass contains all macro and micronutrients. As an inoculant, Frass provides beneficial fungi, protozoa, and every functional group of beneficial bacteria. It stimulates the auto-immune system in plants causing them to better protect themselves from insect attack and fungal disease.

  • Contains chitin, chitisan and chitanase
  • Excellent for mixing into soil or top dressing
  • Great ingredient for compost tea
  • All-purpose fertilizer 2-2-2

Available in: 2 lb. / 5 lb. / 25 lb. 


Herbivore insect frass

Application Rates

1 tbsp. per gallon for foliar or tea, steep 2 hours, strain and apply. Premix 1 cup per cubic foot medium.

Top dress 1 lb. (6 cups) per 200 sq. ft.

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