Vital Earth OMRI Compost


Size: 1 cu. ft. bag
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USCC and OMRI Certified.

  • 100% fruit and vegetable-based compost, containing 39% humus
  • A key ingredient in the Vital Compost Tea Recipe
  • Great for adding nutrients to depleted soil
  • Helps to improve soil structure
  • Excellent for top dressing
  • Increases organic matter and microorganisms

Available in: 1 cu. ft. bags / 2 yd. totes (call for price)



Made from a recycled all natural blend of leaves, grass, plant pruning, bushes and woody material 

Application Rates

Amendment Rate: One 40lb Vital Earth’s® Compost OMRI™ bag to 10 cu.ft. of growing media.

Top Dressing: One 40lb Vital Earth’s® Compost OMRI™bag per established planting. Use 1 time during vegetative cycle. Use 2 times during fruit and flower cycle, 1 month apart, not 3 weeks before harvest.

Compost Tea: Use in conjunction with Vital Earth’s® Mega worm®, Organic Compost OMRI™, and bat guanos.

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