Vital Defender - Pesticide, Mitacide, & Fungicide


Size: 1 Quart
Sale price$53.99


Experience effective, organic pest control with Vital Defender - pesticide, miticide, and fungicide!

 This EPA 25b exempt product offers an impressive range of action, from aphids and sap-sucking insects to mold and mildew. Plus, its colloidal technology and nano-micronized oil have extremely low phytotoxicity, so food flavor and color remain unchanged. And get this: you can use Vital Defender with Vital Fish Powder, Vital Kelp, and Vital Cal-Mag for an unbeatable foliar feed/pest control combo! Plus, its Zero Hour re-entry interval and pre-harvest interval make it gentle on beneficial insects.

Try it – you won't be disappointed! 

Application rate: 1oz./per gallon of water

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