Grow more using less with Silica

Get more return from your investment using less water and fertilizer.

MontanaGrow is your source for an affordable premium silica derived from volcanic ash. Take the "side by side" test and watch MontanaGrow Power Your Garden. 

MontanaGrow is mined from an ancient deposit of silicon rich, non-crystalline volcanic ash formed by an ancient event that occurred over 30 million years ago. 

MontanaGrow powers your garden by reacting dynamically with other minerals and nutrients to address critical soil and plant deficiencies.MontanaGrow is comprised of a richamorphous content that contains over 76% SiO2 plus beneficial elements and provides a natural source of plant available silica.Silicon strengthens plant cell walls, making them tougher and more resistant to damage and abiotic stressors like wind and rain.It helps plants keep water in their stalks and leaves, reducing heat stress and keeping biotic invaders like viruses and fungi out.The strength of silicon-fortified leaves and stalks are a deterrent to herbivores, who are less likely to chew through a plant’s tough exterior.