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House Blend Cover CropHouse Blend Cover Crop
House Blend Cover Crop Reviews
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Organic Vitality CompostOrganic Vitality Compost
Vital BloomVital Bloom
Vital Bloom Reviews
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Vital Cal-MagVital Cal-Mag
Vital Cal-Mag Reviews
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Vital California GoldVital California Gold
Vital Extractor Bag
Vital Fish HydrolysateVital Fish Hydrolysate
Vital Fish Hydrolysate Reviews
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Vital Fish PowderVital Fish Powder
Vital Fish Powder Reviews
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Vital Flower PowderVital Flower Powder
Vital Flower Powder Reviews
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Vital Home Grown 4' x 8' package (Call to Order)Vital Home Grown 4' x 8' package (Call to Order)
Vital KelpVital Kelp
Vital Kelp Reviews
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Vital PotsVital Pots
Vital Pots Reviews
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Vital Roots GranularVital Roots Granular
Vital Roots Granular Reviews
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Vital Roots SolubleVital Roots Soluble
Vital Roots Soluble Reviews
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Vital Soil BuilderVital Soil Builder
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Vital TeaVital Tea
Vital Tea Reviews
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Vital Earth Closeout 30% off Select Products

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PHC BioPakPHC BioPak
PHC BioPak Reviews
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O.G. Grow 3.7-2.7-3.7O.G. Grow 3.7-2.7-3.7
O.G. Grow 3.7-2.7-3.7 Reviews
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Bloom Guano Mix 0-9-0Bloom Guano Mix 0-9-0
Bloom Guano Mix 0-9-0 Reviews
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seabirdguano-2-7-2_product-1All Purpose 2-7-2 Seabird Guano
All Purpose 2-7-2 Seabird Guano Reviews

Sensational Solutions 40%

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Blissful BloomBlissful Bloom
Blissful Bloom Reviews
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CaFe MagCaFe Mag
CaFe Mag Reviews
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Go GreenGo Green
Go Green Reviews
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Gone Fish NGone Fish N
Gone Fish N Reviews
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Micronized Compost TeaMicronized Compost Tea
Micronized Compost Tea Reviews
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Tranzition Reviews

Since 2006 Vital Garden Products have been serving the Organic Farming Community. Our products support a diverse growing industry in specialty agriculture.

We believe in the value of every plant. What matters to us is not only your growing experience, but also the environmental and the health impact that our products have on the earth and on you. So, when you purchase from us, you can be sure that our products are good for the earth, and good for the people.

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