Vital Baseline Granular Humus


Size: 2.2 lb. bag
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Vital Baseline Granular Humus is an organic soil amendment and excellent source of humic, and fulvic acid. These components support the growth and balance of beneficial microorganisms within the soil, increasing its nutrient-retention capacity and aiding crop growth. Use Vital Baseline for long-term soil health.

  • An ancient humus derived from diatoms
  • Excellent for revitalizing soil
  • A must-have ingredient in compost tea
  • Increases plant's ability to assimilate nutrients

Available in: 2.2 lb. bag / 25 lb. bucket / 44 lb. bag / 1000 lb. totes


Peat Humus

Application Rate

Baseline Granular Humus can be top dressed at a rate of ¼-1 cup per cu. ft. of soil or 50-150 pounds per acre. For amending your soil, mix in at a rate of ¼-1 cup per cu. ft., or 15-30 lbs. per yard. For compost tea, at a rate of 4 cups per 55 gallons of water.


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