Vital Defender - Pesticide, Miticide, & Fungicide


Size: 1 Gallon
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Vital Defender is a plant-based pesticide, fungicide, & miticide that eliminates sap-sucking insects, controls mold & mildew, while improving plant health.

 The mode of action to eliminate pests and fungi is through the dissolution of their cell walls and disruption of their digestive process while remaining very gentle on beneficial predatory insects due to differing digestive enzymes.
 Vital Defender increases the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor plants by delivering plant based fatty acid chains directly to the xylem and phloem where it is used leading to reduced plant stress and increased Brix level (sugar content) of the plant. This results to increased electrical conductivity, allowing the plant to respond and DEFEND more quickly to threats.

 Approved for organic production Vital defender gentle enough for use at home around children, pets, and even beneficial insects!

Try it – you won't be disappointed! 

Application rate: 1oz./per gallon of water

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