House Blend Cover Crop


Size: 3 lbs
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Protect your soil from erosion while adding back lost Nitrogen

Protect and replenish your garden through the cool months. Formulated to add nitrogen back to the soil, this cover crop contains Field Pea, Oats, & Tricale (wheat/Rye). 

Cover crops' primary job is to improve the soil. Often referred to as Green Manure, they also help smother weeds, control pests and diseases, enhance water availability, and increase biodiversity on the farm. Think of cover crops as growing your own mulch.



Field Pea 33.3%

Oats 33.3%

Triticale (Wheat/Rye) 33.3%

Estimated Coverage:

3 lbs. - 7 cubic yards

10lbs - 25 cubic yards

Application Rate: 1 cup per yard


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