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Nitryx SP

A high concentration of beneficial bacteria that can reduce nitrogen use by up to 15% or more.

Nitrogen is a primary building block for plant growth. Research has shown Nitryx SP reduces the need for traditional chemical fertilizers by converting atmospheric nitrogen to a form usable by plants.

Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria.

  • High concentrations of a proprietary beneficial bacteria in a 100% water soluble powder
  • Fixates atmospheric nitrogen into a form usable by plants
  • Reduces nitrogen needed while increasing yield
  • Enhances fertilizer applications
  • Makes plants more resilient to adverse conditions

Available in: 4 oz. sachet / 1 lb. bag / 10 lb. bucket



Paenibacillus polymyxa strain P2B-2R

Application Rates

Foliar Spray and Root Drench:

Use 1-2 tsp. of product per gallon of water as general dilution. Apply as a foliar spray or root drench.

Hydroponics Systems:

Use ½-2 tsp. per gallon of reservoir. Reapply each time reservoir is changed.

Please store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and properly reseal after use.

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