Vital Fish Powder - Soluble Grow Fertilizer 15-0-0.5


Size: 1 lb. bag
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Promote rapid vegetative growth with Vital Fish Powder!

Vital Fish Powder is an organic, dry nitrogen fertilizer to help promote a healthy growth rate of plants while assisting in the sustainability of soil health. With 15-0-0.5, this fertilizer contains the proper nutrients and microorganisms to support beneficial bacteria, aiding in soil and plant health.

  • An organic, dry, soluble fish hydrolysate composed of over 80% L-amino acids
  • Amino acids support photosynthesis, which produces carbohydrates necessary for plant growth and flower production
  • Amino acids are made of a unique type of nitrogen (NH2) that is used by plants during vegetative and flowering cycles
  • Use Vital Fish Powder during all stages of plant growth as needed
  • Vital Fish Powder can be foliar fed or root drenched

Available in: 1 lb. bag / 5 lb. bag / 20 lb. bag / 55 lb. bag


Fish Hydrolysate

Application Rates

Vital Fish Powder can be used as a foliar spray at 1-2 tbsp. per gallon of water. It can be applied during vegetation and early bloom stages of plant growth. When fruit or flowers begin to develop, we recommend stopping all foliar applications. Vital Fish Powder can be used as a root drench throughout the entire life of your plant. For root drench we recommend 1–2tbsp. per gallon of water.

 Please store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and properly reseal after use.

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