Vital Tea Brewers


Size: 75 Gal.
Sale price$1,576.99


Vital Compost Tea Brewers are a complete system for making your own compost tea extract. With a perfect balance of performance and value, each brewer is designed to grow beneficial microorganisms exponentially.

  • Commercial compost tea/extract/mix tank
  • Designed to grow beneficial microorganisms exponentially
  • High quality, food-grade conical tanks
  • Equipped with all the needed fittings, an aerator selected for maximum effectiveness and an extractor bag (two with the 300 and 1000-gallon units)
  • American-made Banjo fittings make it easy to disconnect the manifold from the tank for cleaning

Available in: 75 gal. / 300 gal. / 1000 gal.


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